For as long as she remembers, Shivagi’s life has been a search for something indefinable. She was born a fiery, inquisitive and an independent child, never content to accept life, with all its limitations, at face value. In the journey of almost 16 years, which started as being an engineer and an HR executive, she worked with multinationals, became a part of start ups, and made her way to becoming an independent trainer and a speaker. All this while, she had a deep desire to find a space in which ‘she does not live life, but let life live through her’.

Her restlessness took her to a lot of ashrams, and brought her in touch with various philosophies and spiritual/healing teachings/practices. She went on some crazy adventures, met interesting people under different circumstances, kept learning from her pleasant/unpleasant experiences, but something just did not fit in. In October 2016, quite unexpectedly, she met Jivasu and got introduced to Naturality. A peek into Jivasu’s life and his unassuming ability to answer her incessant questions about everything, initiated certain kind of natural integration in her.

Shivagi found in Naturality that grounded space that she had been looking for all along. But Naturality does not signal the end of her questions, instead, it is just the beginning of another, much more beautiful journey – a journey which, although full of unknowns, seems quite clear to her now. The vision is to bring the teachings of Naturality to a global platform and create spaces for people where they understand and celebrate themselves.

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